Friday, 29 July 2011

Work in progress ...

I didn't get quite as much done last night as I had hoped, but the work I did looks promising.

Here are some so-so images of some of the things I have on the go at the moment ...

Work in progress: The growing artillery park needs a commander, and here he is. The specialist centurion – who doesn't have a name yet (suggestions anyone?) – is a Wargames Foundry figure. The kneeling fellow is from the Warlord Games’ Scorpion battery boxed set. When I saw this set I had this little vignette in my head almost immediately.

Work in progress: Some of the figures being prepared at the moment, clockwise: scorpiones; western archers with the first standing archer (I failed to do another last night); 1st Corps auxiliary cavalry – the centre figure is one that I prepared last night (the reason for no more archers) ... a decurio, I swapped his head for a Warlord Games’ attic helmeted one and I'm enlarging the focale (scarf) with milliput.


  1. Looks really promising - keem 'em comming!

    How Do you fix the miniatures on that sticks, superglue?

  2. Thanks Thomas :-)

    I do use superglue, but ensure that the heads of the nails are smooth.