Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The mutt’s …

Firstly welcome to my new followers – I appreciate the interest of all my followers, of course. Thank you. 

I have just received some new brushes: Windsor & Newton Kolinsky sable.

Apparently these are the best brushes money can buy, variously and highly recommended by miniatures painters. These are my first – I will let you know how much I like them …

Windsor & Newton Series 7 number 1 and Series 7 Miniature numbers 00 and 2

Friday, 25 January 2013

Vexilla …

I have been working on designs for my miniature’s vexilla. There are only a few within the collection, but I want them to look the part. 

I bought some waterslide transfer paper and printed out some tests using my six colour Epson inkjet. The tests on transparent carrier were invisible when applied to the miniature. The tests on white carrier were a bit better. Overall it was a disappointment: the definition of the characters was just not sharp enough, due to the fact that the image is made up of dots of colour.

I have discoivered a source for rub-down transfers. These can be printed in ink or made using a foil. These promise superior definition, but may be tricky to apply. I am waiting on a sample.

Work in progress: Some of the vexilla designs I have prepared artwork for.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Apologies for the lateness of the greeting: I have been a bit busy with work and life, and, as you will see, have made some progress with my miniatures.

Firstly, the first of the cavalry from I Thracum Herculanea are nearly finished. The unit is the first of two turmae: the second will be armed with lancea

I have a few units on the work bench, primed, part painted or nearly finished: a century of legionaries (all armed with pila); a century of auxiliary sagittarri; and a few command figures, including the various standard bearers.

Work in progress: My first turma of cavalry: 1st Corps figures. The decurio has a Warlord Games’ head and Milliput focale. The shield transfers are by Little Big Men Studios, but I plan to add an inscription to the vexillum: a pair of ‘I’s either side of the eagle and ‘TRACVM HERC’ below it.

Work in progress: The various standard bearers and the watch begin to take shape.

Work in progress: All very well organised – I really do work like this.