The following is a summary of the works that have furnished me with information about the period in general, the Imperial Roman military, and its campaigns. I have also included more general works on wargaming.

Rome and Roman military history

Beard, M
SPQR: A history of ancient Rome
Profile Books, 2016

Bishop, MC and Coulston, JCN
Roman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the fall of Rome
Oxbow Books, 2011

Breeze, David J
The Frontiers of Imperial Rome
Pen and Sword, 2011

Cowan, Ross
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Osprey Publishing Limited, 2003

Cowan, Ross
The Roman Army of the Principate 27BC–AD117
Osprey Publishing Limited, 2009

D’Amato, Raffaele
Roman Amy Units in the Eastern Provences (1)
Osprey Publishing Limited, 2017  

Davies, RW
Cohors I Numidarum and a Roman military document from Egypt
Aegyptus 57 1/4 December 1977 151–159

Fields, Nic
Roman Military Clothing (1) 100BC–AD200
Osprey Publishing Limited, 2007

Kelly, Christopher
The Roman Empire: a very short introduction
Oxford, 2006

Matyszak, Philip
Legionary. The Roman Soldier’s Manual
Thames and Hudson, 2009

McNab, Chris (editor)
The Roman Army: the greatest war machine of the ancient world
Osprey, 2010

Parker, Philip
The Empire Stops Here: A journey along the frontiers of the Roman World
Jonathan Cape, 2009

Pollard, Nigel and Berry, Joanne
The Complete Roman Legions
Thames and Hudson, 2012

Sumner, Graham
Roman Military Clothing (1) 100BC–AD200
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Sumner, Graham
Roman Military Dress
The History Press, 2009


Featherstone, Donald
Featherstone’s Complete Wargaming
David and Charles, 1988

Featherstone, Donald
Solo Wargaming
Kaye & Ward, 1973

Priestly, Rick
Hail Ceaser
Warlord Games, 2011

Film and television

The Horsemen of Hadrian’s Wall
Digging for Britain, Series 6, episode 4
BBC Four, 2017

Universal, 1981

Ulitimate Rome: Empire without limits
BBC Two, 2016