Thursday, 21 July 2011

Roman auxiliary archers

I haven’t done anything more with these for a while, but thought I should share my work in progress.

I've finished stringing the bows of the kneeling figures (which takes ages), so I'll be getting around to the standing figures next.

At the moment I'm planning one century of sagittarii (archers to you). I haven't decided on the colour of their tunics yet ... decisions, decisions!

Warlord Games’ western archers
I've made some simple conversions from Warlord Games’ metal auxiliary centurio and the optio from the war machines set. I've added a vine staff from the plastic legionaries box to the centurio and some very stylish trousers to the optio.


  1. Have you decided the color of the tunic? Let me make a suggestion: look at
    After trying white, red, green and blue, I finally chose this beige/light green for the tunic, as I found it more natural. Good luck!


  2. Hi

    Thanks for your suggestion. I was thinking an off-white tunic, not as dark as yours though.