Monday, 20 June 2011

I've been on a bit of a roll ...

I've managed to put in a bit of time on the miniatures front and have now finished 2 centuries of legionaries and one of auxiliary infantry. I have also finished some vignettes: engineers, a ballista and the mounted Hold the Line figure (destined to command my auxiliary cavalry).
I've just finished priming another century of legionaries (all pila armed for a change), and I'm stringing bows for a century of auxiliary sagittarii – western archers to you.

Some of these are on the web site in various stages of preparation or finish. I'll sort out some photographs of the remainder as soon as I have a moment.

A Wargames Foundry figure overseeing the strenuous efforts of Warlord Games’ ballista crew.

Warlord Games’ Maximus Decimus Meridius destined to become the commander of my auxiliary cavalry: Tiberius Claudius Maximus … with his war hound, Max.

The signifer is a 1st Corps figure with a Warlord Games’ bare head.
Engineers are a mix of 1st Corps and Warlord Games


I got really excited about Warlord Games’ Dromedarri when they were previewed. I ended up buying 8.

I wanted to achieve a bit more variety from the three basic castings, and decided to convert some of the figures.

I decided to arm two of the camel riders with bows. This was tricky because I had to cut the bows from the quivers … then cut them in half and make tiny spigots on each end, detach weapons from a couple of arms, drill the hands, attach the bow haves, string said bows … worth the effort though.

I also made one a signifier …

I added metal lances from Warlord Games’ armoury. These are longer than the ones supplied with the figures, and give them a more menacing appearance!

First Century I completed

The first box of Warlord Games’ Imperial Roman Legionaries that I completed.

The Centurio is from the box (ie plastic) but the optio (on the right of the rear rank) is a metal figure.