Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Figure scale

I've been struggling with figure scale for a while ... you know, how many actual men a single miniature represents.

So far my centuries are 24 figures, representing 80 real legionaries. That's three point three recurring real legionaries per miniature. Which is a bit untidy ... so rounding down to three-to-one gives a slightly under-strength century of 72 legionaries.

Moving on to mounted units, a turma of cavalry may have been 30 men led by a decurio. So the men:figure ratio works well here giving a table-top unit of 10 figures.

Therefore I need to add two figures to each of my cavalry turmae (I’ve just ordered EIR22a from 1st Corps) and I’ll need two more dromedarii from Warlord, which I'll order when their medicus becomes available.

That’s better!

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