Thursday, 9 May 2013

Work in progress …

I still have a century of legionaries almost finished – no progress with this unit for over a year. I must press on!

I am working on another command vignette, for the auxiliary infantry this time, and my first century of sagittarii are in the process of being based.

Work in progress: A century of legionaries in the background, and the auxiliary
command group begins to take shape. The dismounted auxiliary dromedarii
will be based separately. On the right is my first Praetorian. I have settled on a
blue scheme and bronze armour.

Work in progress: Warlord Games’ western archers … nearly finished!

Reds and brushes

I have tried to use a range of reds to represent how dyes might colour different materials, eg wool or leather, or paint applied to wood.

I had a very old tin of Humbrol’s Authentics range British Crimson (MC5), sadly no longer manufactured. I was looking for a good match and came across an IPMS reference that suggested Humbrol matt 73 (wine). While researching a replacement colour I chose to expand my range of reds, and I am now using the following:


- matt 73 wine
- matt 60 scarlet
- gloss 20 crimson


- matt 174 signal red

Acrylic Authentic Rail Colours

- RC403 crimson lake
- RC423 carmine

Investigating reds

I have begun to use my new Windsor & Newton brushes. The Series 7 size 1 is an amazingly versatile brush, despite its size. I use it for blocking in and all except the finest detail. This is possible because of the very fine profile that the brush has – tipped with a small flexible point. In fact, I can imagine some folk being quite content to use this brush alone.

The Series 7 Miniature size 00 is the next most used, for getting paint into those otherwise impossible to reach places on a casting, and fine detailing. The Series 7 Miniature size 2 has been less used so far: it’s a funny stiff little brush – I am trying to work out what it’s really for.