Thursday, 25 May 2017

Progress worthy of the subject

I have to observe that I haven’t enjoyed painting horses this much before. A combination of lovely, spirited mouldings, and varied coats for the animals, has proven involving.

I did a bit of research about pinto markings, including a fruitful enquiry over at The Miniatures Page (here).The tricky part was finding references for both sides of the animal.

As I mentioned below, I base coated the riders’ skin with matt ochre, hoping that it would give the right tone when washed with flesh. I’m pleased with the appearance so far; shading with The Army Painter strong tone ink, followed by a couple of coats of Duillcote laquer should finish them off nicely.
Work in progress: Victrix Numidian cavalry mounts.

Work in progress: Victrix Numidian cavalry riders.

Work in progress: Liquitex gesso primed shields.

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