Sunday, 30 April 2017

Size comparison

I have been thinking about preparing some size comparisons for a while, especially since I have often found them useful.

Here’s the first, a quickie in respnse to a comment on one of my earlier posts: a comparison of 1st Corps Early Imperial Roman auxiliary cavalry with Victrix Numidian cavalry. The 1st Corps figure is actually quite small.

Sizing up, left-to-right: 1st Corps and Victrix horses; 1st Corps and Victrix riders.


  1. Thanks for that, as I suspected the 1st corps are much smaller, although only slightly different with the size of the horses?Victrix are taller than my Foundry Romans,but due to the bulk of the later, don't look too different and are ok in separate units.

  2. I think, the victrix and aventine are much comparable!

  3. And what about Black Tree Design and Victrix? Any idea whether they could work together?
    Thanks :-)

  4. 1st corps are traditional 25mm, Victrix are 28mm but the later stand head and shoulders above Foundry and 1st corps. I wouldn't put them in the same unit.BTD are a similar height to Victrix.