Monday, 29 May 2017

A pleasant surprise …

I spent a bit of time on my new auxiliary cavalry over the bank holiday weekend.

I have applied the Little Big Men transfers to the shields and shaded the assembled figures and horses. I thought to have another look at the size of the figures, and was pleasantly surprised (and relieved, if I’m honest) to discover that the Victrix figures are visually compatible with my 1st Corps figures.

The shields caught me out: I completely failed to notice that they are three different sizes … must be my age. Anyhow, the results are quite acceptable, but I will bear this in mind when it comes to preparing the infantry.
Work in progress: a couple of figures from my 1st Corps Roman auxilia turma and a Victrix Numidian.

Work in progress: ready for touching-up (once the chap on the left has had some missing shading added).

Work in progress: the shields look the part.

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