Saturday, 26 April 2014

Waiting for the PVA to dry …

… then I shall dry brush the base and add the tufts. Annoyingly, I managed to get some Sandy Paste onto some of the figures. If caught while wet it brushes off using a wet brush. Once dry it’s a careful procedure using a new cocktail stick, taking care not to damage the varnish beneath.

I am wondering which unit to do next. I think I may paint another turma of cavalry, while beginning to prepare the Praetorians. These will need a bit of sculpting to add focalia and some cloaks. I have a couple of camels to convert for the baggage train too.

Work in progress: I am quite pleased with how these fellows turned out. Just the finishing touches to add.


  1. Ah, the joys of flocking and basing ;) Great looking EIR!

  2. Looking very neat!

    I spent the day painting Romans and watching the Masada mini-series, which was surprisingly at least 50% good.

  3. A very good looking unit!

  4. There is a plague of these Thai spammers at the moment; best to report them. :-(