Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The lonely Praetorian …

I had a couple of hours over the last day or so to finish Titus Antonius Secundus’s centuria, my fourth to-date.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out – the overall impression to the naked eye always surprises me … but that’s how it is when one lives with one’s ‘mind’s eye’ hopes and the reality of the miniature under magnification.

So … an empty ‘bench’ … what next? As mentioned I have the camels to add to the baggage train, and I want to begin enhancing Warlord Games’ Praetorian Guardsmen … these will take a while, so might be a good project to have on the go while painting something else … maybe my last turma of cavalry. (Note to self: never say ‘last’.)

Titus Antonius Secundus’s centuria. Not too shabby..
Work in progress: Who or what shall join the loan Praetorian?.


  1. Splendid work sir!
    An almost empty workbench? ... Surely not, more please!

  2. Great looking EIR troops; if not cavalry, maybe some artillery?

  3. They look very nice! On to the next one! :-)

  4. Thank you! Thank you!

    DeanM: I have finished my artillery - have a look at anything labelled ‘Artillery’ from the list on the right.

    Hi Simon. Thanks for your contributions to my thread in TMP … I am still cogitating … which I can continue to do while I have Romans to paint!