Friday, 4 April 2014

Turranius Priscus and kneeling legionaries

I have finished a couple of command pieces and made some progress with the next centuria.

In the midst of a busy April I hope to have the centuria finished by month’s end. Also, I really must start to make some much better photographs. I don’t mind the immediacy of the mobile camera images for the work in progress shots, but I think I need to make a better effort for the record of finished items.

Legio VI Ferrata vexellation commander Turranius Priscus (Wargames Foundry), and a Tribune (Warlord Games).

Auxiliary cavalry commander Tiberius Claudius Maximus’ vexillarius (1st Corps).

Work in progress: The front rank of my next centuria is finished. These Warlord Games’ castings were disappointing … I think the plastic kneeling figures in the scorpion battery boxed set are superior. Nevertheless, the overall impression is pretty good. The Warlord Games’ Primus Pilus figure (on the left) is a fabulous piece though.


  1. Beautiful work, love the details!

  2. Nice work; I have the Warlord EIR too - at first I felt their legs a bit to squat compared to their larger shoulders, but once based and ranked up look fine - especially with the scutum and nice decals. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice! I've always loved kneeling miniatures, too.

  4. Thank you! Very much appreciated.

    @ Dean: what always surprises me is how fixing the shield and transfer really seems to transform the figure … I still notice it, and it still surprises me - in a good way :-)

    The figures look so much better without the harsh lighting to the naked eye … the overall impression is something else that surprises me.

    @ Simon: I am going to try and make it to Salute, so may drop by to see your game.