Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wonders will never cease …

… the scale rope arrived. I only ordered it just over a year ago. Anyhow, it’s here, so now I have no excuse for not finishing the vignette.

I had to look at my references again to work out how the shaft should connect with the beam, and settled on a curved profile for the oak since there is clearly no articulated joint with the bogie (which would seem to be the alternative).

Scale rope … I am pinching myself, but it is real.

Work in progress: Oxen, beam, shaft and bogie in position …

Work in progress: The cart loaded with a mix of Baueda and Wargames Foundry items.


  1. That is looking super! Scale rope, haven't come across it.

  2. Thanks Simon. I bought it from a scale model boats components supplier … but it took ages to get it – a combination of being out of stock and me being distracted one way or another … so not all the supplier’s fault … but I did have to call him every day for the past week or so in order to get the rope sent out to me.

  3. I firmly believe the results will justify for your efforts in getting the rope.