Friday, 13 December 2013

Plodding along …

Progress can seem quite rapid when there are a number of units approaching completion at the same time.

Last night I fixed the scuta to the legionaries and did a bit of retouching. I hope to shade these fellows today, varnish them tomorrow and base them on Sunday. But the priority has to be the ox cart since it is part of an informal painting challenge over on Warlord Games’ forum.

Work in progress: Quintus Flavius Cerialis’ centuria ready for shading, varnishing and basing.

Work in progress: The command vignette for my auxilia and the ox cart. The load for the latter is painted and shaded and ready to load, but I will add this and the scale rope once the base is finished.


  1. Am loving this cart so much, I just bought myself a couple on eBay! Lovely stuff.

  2. Thank you Simon. I look forward to seeing your versions.

    This is the only one I plan to have … though it will be joined by some suitably laden Ebob camels and Wargames Foundry mules.


  3. Nice work in progress shots!