Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pleasantly surprised

I am always surprised at how the shading and varnishing improves the quality of the finish beyond my expectations.

I tend to be permanently disappointed by my painting – which I imagine to be an average gaming standard – so it can be a bit of a trial. Take my latest centuria: for ages these figures languished and every time I looked at them I didn’t feel like doing anything further … but here they are, shaded with The Army Painter’s Strong Tone ink and varnished with the amazing Testors Dullcote … suddenly they begin to look the part. And it is always so …

Work in progress: Quintus Flavius Cerialis’centuria based and ready for finishing. These fellows are the first to be clad in red tunicae. I armed them entirely with pila. The centurio and optio are Wargames Foundry figures. I have a small stock of these (no two the same) which gives each centuria a slightly different character.

Let’s hear it for Testors Dullcote … the finish is flatter than a very flat flat thing …


  1. I have used testors for a long time unfortunately I have been unable to obtain any for ages and resorted to the army painter anti shine spray and it is the equal of testors which has pleased me no end. Your romans look great

  2. Fortunately I have an unopened bottle … but is available in the UK from a few suppliers.

    Thank you for the compliment - very much appreciated.

  3. The unit looks ACE! They really look the part. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of this magical Dullcote stuff over here in Germany so far.

  4. They look mean - which is a compliment for Romans!

  5. Excellent looking troops, I didn't know they sold Testers in a bottle? I thought it was in a spray can?? Great looking troops though!!!

  6. They look very good.

    I used both the can and jar Testors. I find the jar Testors can sometimes lift red paint, even if it has been previously sealed with gloss varnish. However, the flat finish is superb...

  7. Thank you.

    I haven’t had any problems with paint lifting so far …