Friday, 25 January 2013

Vexilla …

I have been working on designs for my miniature’s vexilla. There are only a few within the collection, but I want them to look the part. 

I bought some waterslide transfer paper and printed out some tests using my six colour Epson inkjet. The tests on transparent carrier were invisible when applied to the miniature. The tests on white carrier were a bit better. Overall it was a disappointment: the definition of the characters was just not sharp enough, due to the fact that the image is made up of dots of colour.

I have discoivered a source for rub-down transfers. These can be printed in ink or made using a foil. These promise superior definition, but may be tricky to apply. I am waiting on a sample.

Work in progress: Some of the vexilla designs I have prepared artwork for.


  1. Great and informative blog, I am happy to have found it and will be visiting often!


  2. Hello Jonathan

    You are very kind - thank you. I am afraid I really am the world’s slowest at getting these things done though, so I hope I can sustain your interest.

    Best wishes