Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Apologies for the lateness of the greeting: I have been a bit busy with work and life, and, as you will see, have made some progress with my miniatures.

Firstly, the first of the cavalry from I Thracum Herculanea are nearly finished. The unit is the first of two turmae: the second will be armed with lancea

I have a few units on the work bench, primed, part painted or nearly finished: a century of legionaries (all armed with pila); a century of auxiliary sagittarri; and a few command figures, including the various standard bearers.

Work in progress: My first turma of cavalry: 1st Corps figures. The decurio has a Warlord Games’ head and Milliput focale. The shield transfers are by Little Big Men Studios, but I plan to add an inscription to the vexillum: a pair of ‘I’s either side of the eagle and ‘TRACVM HERC’ below it.

Work in progress: The various standard bearers and the watch begin to take shape.

Work in progress: All very well organised – I really do work like this.

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