Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The mutt’s …

Firstly welcome to my new followers – I appreciate the interest of all my followers, of course. Thank you. 

I have just received some new brushes: Windsor & Newton Kolinsky sable.

Apparently these are the best brushes money can buy, variously and highly recommended by miniatures painters. These are my first – I will let you know how much I like them …

Windsor & Newton Series 7 number 1 and Series 7 Miniature numbers 00 and 2


  1. You will love them! I don't use the Windsor & Newton brushes, instead going for the Raphael brushes, but they are very similar and I can't believe the difference they made.

  2. They are superb, and last very well. I use them for everything except drybrushing, which I do with cheaper brushes. In the UK Cass Arts sell them relatively cheaply.

    Cheers, Simon

  3. They are the best! Each one has the hairs individually graded, selected and tied by hand!