Saturday, 8 December 2012

WIP: Oxen harnesses …

After a good look at just what I should be attempting to make, I have made some reasonable progress with the yoke and harness assembly for the ox cart.

There is a very good website, Roman Traction Systems, which provided the answer to the conundrum posed by the Time Machines Miniatures model which I am basing my ox cart on.


The inspiration for my model: Time Machine Miniatures’ diorama.
I needed to make a pair of Wang yokes a bit like these, which seem to allow the oxen some independent movement.
Image: Roman Traction Systems

I have added the basic dorsal yoke and a buckle to the belly band. A couple of small rings connecting the breast straps to the belly band need drilling and sculpting.
The wooden bar has metal rings which attach to the dorsal yokes. I’ve ordered some scale rope to tie the bar to the shaft. All of this needs more finesse, of course.

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