Thursday, 6 December 2012

More vignettes

I have had some more vignettes in mind for a while, and have finally got around to preparing the figures.

The first vignette is the Legio VI Ferrata vexellation command group. The vexillum will display the wolf and Romulus and Remus twins motif.

The second vignette supports the first, and is a pair of Praetorians and two lictors. The third vignette is a Tesserarius giving orders to a pair of guards.

Work in progress: Command group composed of Wargames Foundry and Warlord Games figures. The horse in the foreground is from Warlord’s Marcus Aurelius figure – I wanted to show off the lovely horned saddle.

Work in progress: Warlord Games Praetorian with Attic helmet; two 1st Corps lictors, one of which is now sporting a Milliput beard, and a Wargames Foundry Praetorian.

Work in progress: Two guards receive orders from a Tesserarius converted from Warlord Games Praetorian Centurion, with Attic helmet and feathers from their plastic Scorpions set.

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