Monday, 3 December 2012

I have decided to rebase my miniatures

I’ve been thinking about this for a while: part of the consideration is to make the figures easier to handle – important as I get older.

I loved the thinness of the old bases, but I’ve decided to switch to 2.0mm MDF with 0.8mm magnetic bases. I’m waiting on the materials to arrive, but I have removed about half my collection from the old bases in readiness. I have a few days to myself this week so I hope to have a few units rebased by the weekend.


  1. Looks like there is a lot of work waiting for you there.

    Is it about the magnets or why did you consider to rebase?

  2. Hi!

    Well the miniatures have come off the old bases quite easily with a lot of the original basing material in tact in some cases (eg the medicus) … so rebasing won’t be too difficult … watch this space!

    Why? Two things: The ox cart model needed a much stiffer base; and handling - it’s a bit tricky to pick the figures up by the bases (I try not to touch the figures themselves) … so these two things (uniformity and handling) made the decision for me.

    Thanks for your interest.