Sunday, 21 August 2011

Roman medicus

I got excited about the idea of a Roman surgeon (medicus to you) vignette long before Warlord Games released theirs last week.

I have a little group in mind, with a kneeling legionary watching over the surgeon while he's working (though I do realise that these chaps probably didn't work so close to the fighting). These figures are now primed and ready for painting.

The extra dromedarii arrived too, and these are underway. I am doing these very carefully since they have to match the eight I already have.

Work in progress: The pose of the kneeling legionary has changed slightly since I took this picture, since I felt holding the pilum behind the shield like that didn't look quite right.


  1. COOL!!!!

    I will probably order mine in the order after this next one.

  2. Great Idea - can't wait to see this finished!