Saturday, 8 June 2013

I got all my toys out today …

I thought it might be a good time to take stock and also to show some of the things I have finished recently.

This represents about a third of the legionaries, half the auxiliary infantry (I want to add Eastern archers and another century of infantry), two thirds of the mounted auxiliaries, all of the supporting troops apart from the baggage train, (which is still very much a work in progress as it expands to include mules and camels). I will add a century of Praetorians and maybe some mounted Praetorians …

Apologies for the carpet and skirting board … decorating my house is another work in progress …

The Legio VI Ferrata vexillation in a defensive position.

The Tessarius gives orders to the watch on the right flank.

View along the defensive ditch …

… where the engineers finish the defensive wall …

… I Augusta Thracum knock their arrows …

scorpiones determine the range.

My alter ego in broad stripe purple … I will name him in due course. The command group is in three parts to give more flexibility. The vexillum will get rub-down transfers in due course: I am still working on the artwork for these, which will be produced in opaque gold foil.

The first turma of I Thracum Herculanea supported by auxilia dromedarri.


  1. Looking great! Is the wickerwork from Warlord?

  2. Hello Simon

    Thank you! … Loads still to do though :-)

    Yes - the wattle fences are Warlord. I also have some of the Renedra injection moulded plastic ones, but these are not so finely detailed as the Warlord ones …


  3. Wow, spectacular looking collection of miniatures. Makes me want to collect Romans right away.
    Damn it. ;)

    Great work on these.

  4. Impressive, impressive, impressive. What a great spectacle. I really like that command group!

  5. You are very kind. Thank you! :-)

  6. Beautiful minis, very impressive!