Thursday, 9 May 2013

Work in progress …

I still have a century of legionaries almost finished – no progress with this unit for over a year. I must press on!

I am working on another command vignette, for the auxiliary infantry this time, and my first century of sagittarii are in the process of being based.

Work in progress: A century of legionaries in the background, and the auxiliary
command group begins to take shape. The dismounted auxiliary dromedarii
will be based separately. On the right is my first Praetorian. I have settled on a
blue scheme and bronze armour.

Work in progress: Warlord Games’ western archers … nearly finished!


  1. Looking good! I really do like that blue and bronze together.

  2. You're just about there! they look great. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks chaps. I have a couple of big updates coming as I have managed to do quite a bit over the past month or so … so watch this space!

    The bronze armour works really well … I use an undercoat of gunmetal, dry-brushed with bronze, then finished with a generous wash of Devlan Mud … which somehow gives an antique look … helmet details were then picked out in aluminium …

  4. I love the finish that you have got on the legionaries armour - just excelllent!

  5. Looking very nice!!

  6. Thank you!

    The armour is a gunmetal base once again, dry-brushed with aluminium, washed with the magic Devlan Mud … all looks terrible until Testors’ Dull Coat is applied …