Thursday, 27 February 2014

More vignettes

While I know I said that I would finish that century of legionaries before starting anything else, I have been giving some thought to a couple of new vignettes. I have been doing some research into the commanders of Roman units in Judea and Syria, thinking about who might command my desert frontier vexellation. I have also been thinking about expanding the baggage train.

I was considering using Wargames Foundry’s Vespasian figure as my vexellation commander, but, in truth, he looks way too senatorial. Legio VI Ferrata had a hand in making Vespasian Emperor in 69 AD, following the suppression of the first Jewish Revolt … so I came around to thinking he could legitimately be present amongst his loyal legionaries. This also gives me an excuse to have Praetorian Guard units.

My research revealed that Turranius Priscus, a prefects castorum (Camp Prefect), commanded a vexellation of Legio VI Ferrata during the siege of Jerusalem. I have decided to have a couple of figures representing Turranius Priscus and a mounted tribune. While about it I thought to make a vexillarius for my cavalry commander, Tiberius Claudius Maximus.

I have a couple of spare eBob camels which I want to convert into pack animals. I just need to work out what sort of load they might be carrying.

Work in progress: Warlord Games’ mounted legate, Wargames Foundry’s Suetonius Paullinus (who will become Turranius Priscus), and a 1st Corps’ tribune with Warlord attic helmeted head and a vexillum salvaged from an abandoned figure.
Work in progress: A pair of eBob camels and a converted Warlord Games’ ritual sacrificial figure, which came with an alter (now discontinued). Another application for the scale rope, I think …

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