Saturday, 26 November 2011

Roman baggage train ...

While I'm waiting for my primed figures to cure I thought I would start construction of the Roman wagon.

The huge North Star Oxen really look the part … but now I'm worried that the load looks somewhat insubstantial to be troubling such strong animals with. I will give this more thought.

I’m also thinking about how to harness the oxen to the cart. I can modify the supplied yoke or make a harness like the one on the The Time Machines Miniatures model. Something else to think about …

Work in progress: The North Star Oxen needed quite a bit of filler to make a good join between the head and body. One of the wheels of the Foundry cart had a poorly cast spoke, so I filled this too.


  1. Not sure what to tell you about the collar/yoke, but as to the pay load; strong boxes full of coin to pay the troops, stone for road/fortification building.

  2. Nice wagon - where's the painted up pics :)? Best, Dean

  3. Hi DeanM

    So sorry ... I have had a bunch of distractions (life!) and I haven’t got much further than this with the model. I am also waiting on bases large enough for the wagon and oxen, but will do some more work on the harness soon (see latest post).