Saturday, 29 October 2011

Roman Medicus

I’ve almost finished the medicus vignette – just the tufts to finish off (removing the strays) and fine sand to add to the edge of the base. I'm quite pleased with this.

Of course I realise that the medicus is unlikely to have operated so close to the fighting that he needed protecting, but I wanted to add a little more drama to this vignette. I really hope Warlord Games will release a sprue of kneeling legionaries since I would like to model a rank or two in this pose for a couple of my forthcoming centuries.


  1. You've build a nice and dynamic scene - looks great!

  2. Thank you!

    But most of the credit should go to Warlord for such great figures.

  3. I hope mine turns out even half as good as yours!

  4. Good job, I add you to my blog list!